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meal prep 101 (p)



"Meal prepping can be a fairly difficult concept for those just beginning their journey. Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance for the first month or so before you feel confident enough to meal prep on your own. This article provides introductory information to help you jump right in without feeling overwhelmed. Below, I’ve provided basic information you’ll need in order to prep successfully. Remember, prepping your meals ahead saves you time, money, and your sanity."


Measure EVERYTHING! When meal prepping, you are required to measure your food every single time. Please do not “guesstimate.” It is essential that your measurements are consistent with the measurements provide for you. That’s right; I’ll do all the math for you—you’re welcome!


DO NOT use any butters or oils, unless instructed to do so. Butters and oils add unnecessary fat calories to your diet. Plus when fats from butters and oils are over-heated they produce unhealthy molecules called triglycerides. No bueno; I prefer you to use a cooking spray such as Pam. However, most of the foods we will eat naturally produce their own hydration when prepare the properly.


SPICE IT UP! Seasonings and spices are one thing I do not restrict; therefore feel free to flavor your food almost anyway you’d like. Spices are preferable; they have huge metabolic benefits and it just makes your food taste that much better. Personally, I cook my food with very little seasonings, and add hot sauces such as Cholula to my meals right before I’m about to eat them. Hot sauces are low in calories and will not interfere with your diet. Try it out!


STAY HYDRATED! It is important that you drink lots and lots of water throughout this process. I recommend you consume at least 2 liters (half a gallon) of water a day. Avoid carbonated, sugar packed beverages. They not only add calories to your daily consumption, the sugar will hinder your results. WATER works wonders.


ONLY WATER! Throughout this program it is very likely that I will program or suggest a variety of supplements into your meal plan; as you enter into this phase, remember one thing, “mix everything with water”—unless of course I tell you otherwise. This includes protein powder, liquid vitamins, creatine, thermogenics, etc.

MIX IT UP! Do not be afraid to get creative with your meal plan; there are multiple ways to flavor your food without compromising the nutritional quality. For example, if I program lean ground turkey and salad into your meal plan, instead of eating each item separately, you can get creative. Think about substituting the salad for lettuce wraps and create lettuce tacos. Consistently eating a boring diet can cause you to lose motivation, which will hinder your progress.

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